Student Services

Review sessions:

We provide review sessions before exams for:

ECE 110, 120, 210, 220

ECE 310, 313, 329, 340, 342, 391

CS 374

PHYS 212, 213, 214

We also assist course staff in their review sessions if they need help from HKN. This is also a great chance for our members to get involved and to practice presentation skills in an academic context.


HKN offers free one-on-one peer tutoring. Simply contact a tutor to arrange a time. The tutor’s netid, and the courses for which they are offering tutoring are listed below. If you would like a tutor for a course that is not listed below, please reach out to Steven Kolaczkowski at, and we will be happy to arrange something. You can also check the CARE website for tutoring and extra office hours in non-ECE required classes.


After the tutoring session, please fill out the Tutor Feedback Form. We appreciate your input!

Available Tutors List:

Technical Interviews:

HKN offers mock technical interviews targeted for students interviewing with ECE companies (software and hardware). Interviews are available either in an interview room with a whiteboard, or over the phone. You will be given questions that accurately reflect the questions given by the company you will be interviewing with, and, where possible, your interviewer will have received an offer from the company as well.

Review Sessions

Our Student Resource Archive:

Find review session slides sooner, or browse the archive of resources from years past here.


First Midterm Review Sessions:

PHYS 214

ECE 329 Review Slides ECE 329 Problems

ECE 210

ECE 342

ECE 310

CS/ECE 374

ECE 220

ECE 110

ECE 385

ECE 313

Second Midterm Review Sessions

ECE 329

ECE 210

ECE 342 Slides Worked Problem

Final Exam Review Sessions:

PHYS 214