Please contact Ritesh Reddy at with questions or to set up a corporate event with HKN.

Companies interested in our talented bunch of ECE students can request an electronic copy of our active member resume book.

Info Sessions and Tech Talks

HKN hosts a number of information sessions and tech talks that are sponsored by companies. These sessions are conducted on campus and give students a chance to learn more about the employer, recent technological advances, or career opportunities. The students have the opportunity to interact with recruiters, ask questions, and express their interest in available opportunities. In addition, we help companies advertise career opportunities and campus events to our students through fliers, email newsletters, building monitors, etc.


Technical workshops teach students about current software, hardware, engineering and business concepts to be competitive in today’s market. Typically these are focused on a particular skill or using a specific tool. Companies can sponsor, and teach, these technical workshops to gear them towards any skills or products they would like to showcase. Additionally, HKN will help companies host on-campus hackathons by providing advertisements, staffing, etc.

Outreach Events

Outreach events are focused on teaching fundamental Electrical and Computer Engineering concepts to the surrounding community through applications. Past examples include teaching Boy Scouts circuitry and soldering by creating an optical theremin. We appreciate co-hosting these events with your company representatives and it is a good way to give back to the community.

Social Events

Throughout the semester, HKN hosts social events ranging from Mario Kart tournaments to paintball excursions, providing an occasion for employers to interact with students in a more relaxed setting. We also have weekly Happy Hour sessions at Legends Bar and Grill from 4-5 PM on Fridays. Company representatives are welcome to join our preplanned events, but they can also organize their own.