About HKN

HKN is the international honor society for electrical and computer engineers. Established by Maurice Carr in 1904 with the opening of the Alpha chapter at UIUC, HKN has grown to over 200 chapters. Outstanding persons are elected to HKN primarily from the junior and senior classes of accredited undergraduate programs. Graduate students and distinguished professional engineers are also eligible. Students are chosen based on marked academic performance, personal character, service to the student body, and distinguished accomplishments.

While one of its purposes certainly is the reward of scholarship, Eta Kappa Nu has a far broader purpose than merely to award a badge of distinction to scholars. As conceived by its founders and as carried forward by its members for more than two generations, another aim is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better professionals. HKN encourages members to improve the standards of the profession, the courses of instruction, and the institutions generally where its chapters are established.

For more information, visit the national website at hkn.org.

Membership Requirements

Membership in HKN is extended to the top fifth of the upper sophomore class (45-59 credit hours), top quarter of the junior class (60-90 credit hours), the top third of the senior class (90+ credit hours), and all graduate students. Undergraduate students will need to have taken at least 3 ECE courses. Students who meet these requirements will be invited to join HKN at the beginning of the semester. Once invited, initiates will perform a semester of service for HKN before initiating at the end of the semester. See the Initiates Page for more information.


Nathan Narasimhan

Hey everyone! I'm a senior getting a dual degree in Computer Engineering and Innovation, Leadership, and Engineering Entrepreneurship. In my coursework I’ve covered a lot of things from Machine Learning and Computer Vision, to starting your own company and leadership. I’m super social and love playing card games, board games, and video games!

Sanat Pandey
Vice President

Hey! I’m a junior in Electrical Engineering with a primary focus on Microelectronics and Photonics. Aside from HKN, I work with lasers in Prof. Choquette’s research group and I am a TA for ECE 443. Apart from this I enjoy hanging out with my friends and swimming.

Tori Colthurst

Hi guys! I am a senior in Computer Engineering from Crystal Lake, IL, pursuing a double major in astronomy. In addition to HKN board, I am president of Tau Beta Pi. In my free time I enjoy playing cards, watching movies, and eating ice cream :)

Aditya Chitnis
Director of Technology

Heyo! My name's Aditya! I'm a Senior in Computer Engineering, focusing on Operating System and Embedded System Design. Outside of classes I'm on course staff for ECE 391. In my free time I love hanging out with friends, playing Ultimate Frisbee (when it's warmer), hiking, reading manga/watching anime/netflix, or playing DDR in the Union!

Kanad Sarkar
Director of Corporate Affairs

You know who I am. You know what I do. I am a junior in Computer Engineering, and my field of interest is quantum block-chain AI algorithms. Furthermore, I am a future Grammy award winning artist. For further inquiries, (for start-up ideas or otherwise) email me. P.S. It be like that sometimes…

Keshav Harisrikanth
Director of Student Services

I'm a senior in Electrical Engineering, pursuing minors in Computer Science and part of the Hoeft Technology and Management Program. Outside of school stuff, I love games of all kinds (board, card, video, etc.). I have been on course staff for a couple courses (120, 385, 411) and have run a bunch of review sessions you may have attended. I am most interested in digital circuit design and computer architecture.

Noah Depke
Director of Outreach

Hello! My name is Noah Depke and I'm a sophomore in Computer Engineering from rural Illinois. Outside of ECE, my interests include linguistics, hunting, reading, playing games of all sorts, and running Dungeons & Dragons. Feel free to email me with ideas for outreach events!

Teja Gupta

Hi! I am a Junior in Computer Engineering originally from Naperville, Illinois. In my studies I focus a lot on machine learning. Outside of HKN and school, I enjoy working out and watching movies.

Pranith Bottu
Director of Publicity

Hi! I’m a Junior in Computer Engineering from Palatine, IL, pursuing a minor in Mathematics. I’m also involved with Embedded Systems research at Jensen Lab. Outside school and HKN, I enjoy basketball, movies, food, and comedy. If you see me around, feel free to stop by and say hi!

Chris Hu
Director of Operations

My name is Christopher Hu. I'm a senior majoring in Computer Engineering, and I'm Director of Operations on the board. If you like Nintendo games and/or fighting games (I mean games like Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, etc. and not just Smash), you can expect me to burn hours just talking about them.

Marwan Eladl
Director of Initiate Affairs

I am a junior in Electrical Engineering with a majority focus on Semiconductors and Nanotechnology. I am Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Zhu 2-D Material Research Group, which I have found to be a great way to explore my passions further. I am a TA for ECE 443, which is a great class that I would recommend to anyone who is interested in microelectronic devices and I am a CARE tutor. I enjoy helping others not only through tutoring, but also through acts of kindness and service, which lead me to Co-found the Shanghai Run for Refugees in 2016. In my free time, I enjoy being on the university’s rugby team, playing video games, and making my own music. One day I’ll go pro in one of those things. But, for now I am the Director of Initiate Affairs for HKN.

Mehul Dugar
Director of Events

Hi there! I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Engineering and pursuing a minor in Mathematics. Besides school and HKN I love to spend my time hiking, being an amateur photographer, binging multiple seasons of TV shows and going on runs. Making a good cup of coffee is my secret, cap’ so hit me up if you’re in the RSO office and would like to try my (self proclaimed) best cup of joe you’ll ever have!

Srijan Chakraborty
Director of Information

Hey, I'm Srijan Chakraborty, a junior in Computer Engineering from California and originally India. Currently I'm looking at a specialization in some form of computer systems and embedded systems, with some possible incursions into Robotics and AI. Besides ECE, I like to read cartoons, watch films, ice skate, and just chill with friends.